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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

While it may be a fact of modern life, many people begrudge paying out for insurance. However, it is only when things happen that we appreciate the value of good insurance cover.

We have all heard the horror stories about people who forgot to renew or discovered that their insurance didn’t cover them because they neglected to read the small print. This happens more frequently now many people buy online.

What you’re getting with an independent broker is the comfort of knowing that you can pick up a phone and speak to someone who lives in your area, and offers advice because they know you and your personal circumstances.

At Eclipse, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly point of contact, one that will listen to what you want (or don’t want) from a policy and go out and find an insurance package that fulfills your needs.

Give us a call, or come in for a chat, and let us run through options for insurances on a including:

Household Insurance -To insure your home and contents against loss or damage, household insurance protects you from events such as burglary, fire and flood damage.

Household /Let Property – If you are a letting out a property a landlord’s insurance policy will provide cover for the building and contents and public liability with options to protect your rental income in the case of damage.

Let property/Unoccupied – A household insurance policy for unoccupied let properties provides cover from loss or damage  for houses and flats that are vacant for a period of time.

Multi Occupancy – This insurance provides cover if you are living in a residence with three or more people (with at least one being unrelated to the others). 

Travel – If you are going on holiday travel insurance provides cover for medical expenses, loss of possessions and potential financial default of travel providers (such as airlines).

PA&U – Personal Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover will offer protection regarding your ability to meet credit repayments if you are affected by sickness or lose your job.

Caravans – Insurance cover for your caravan, providing protection against theft, adverse weather, damage and third party liability.