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Looking to start a pension?

Looking to boost what you’ve already got?

It’s easy to find an excuse not to start a pension. Some people question whether they need one. Some feel they have plenty of time, while others feel they have already left it too late to start. Then there are the scare stories…

If you already have a pension scheme and are closer down the line to retirement then there are many options available to boost your pension pot. The key to a successful pension is managing it in a way that will maximise its potential.

Pensions make financial sense

The simple truth is that pensions make sense. If you can afford to pay into a pension scheme, not only are you setting money aside for a more financially secure retirement but you are benefiting from generous tax benefits.

At Eclipse we will do the hard work for you. We will get to know you, understand your personal circumstances and what you are hoping to achieve from a pension, and advise the best option for you.