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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

All of us, at some time or other in our lives, will need to get medical treatment. Physical injury or a long term serious illness can affect any of  us, no matter how fit and healthy we may feel,  and the timing is never right.

Anyone who has ever suffered even a minor injury like a broken bone or a pulled back, will know the disruption it brings to their lives. Consequently the effect of a serious illness or serious injury can have a devastating impact on family finances.

Your health has a huge impact on your life – your ability to work and pay bills, maintain your home and provide for your family – so being prepared for every eventuality brings some peace of mind. The Eclipse team in Barnstaple in North Devon will help you to find a health insurance policy that best suits you and the circumstances that personally reflect you.

There are several options to consider when looking a health insurance. These include:

Critical Illness Cover (CIC) is a policy that protects you, should you be diagnosed with a range of illnesses and conditions covered by the list, providing a lump sum payment to ensure financial stability through the recovery period. 

Income Protection is a policy that provides you with an income (pre-arranged) to provide financial security through your recovery period, if you can’t work, as a result of injury or illness.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) gives you protection if, as a result of accident or sickness, you are unable to work, providing you with a lump sum payment.

Private Medical Insurance guarantees peace of mind, should your health become an issue, this policy provides for private medical care, guaranteeing quick and effective action when it comes to treatment.

A Cash Health Plan policy can provide you (and your family) with cash back on bills that are accrued as a result of health care.