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Eclipse Financial Solutions

Life and Health Insurance

Life and health insurance to cushion you for every bump along the rocky road

Our everyday lives are spent concerned about everyday worries and details. It’s easy to think that nothing much will change, that life’s big dramas happen to other people. As a consequence, we rarely step back and look at the bigger picture.

Of course, there is often little we can do to prevent illness or injury, and certainly nothing we can do prevent death. For this reason, pre-emption is the key when it comes to softening the blow of factors that impact on our lives, over which we have no control.

Different lives call for different insurance solutions

At Eclipse Financial Solutions in Barnstaple in North Devon, we understand that everybody’s life is different. We all have different circumstances. That’s why the first step towards finding a policy to best fit you begins with us sitting down and getting to know you. Our reputation is built on customizing policies to reflect the customers seeking our advice.

Working from our Barnstaple office, we know that the business of life and health assurance can be confusing, with all the options, permutations and mind boggling jargon involved. Our years of experience of advising clients in North Devon enable us to explain things in simple language that you can understand, allowing you to choose the right services for you.