Sort out your will.

Once it’s too late, it really is too late.

How many times have you thought ‘I must do something about my will’… and not done anything about it?  The inconvenient truth is that if something happens to you and you do not have a will, your family will pay the price.

Unfortunately, sorting out everything after a death is a time consuming and often complicated process  that can drag on for a long time. Anyone who has had the experience of somebody close to them dying understands the importance of having a will that is clearly defined and legally binding.

As we get older, accumulating property, possessions, savings and investments, what we own and who we want to pass it on to becomes more of an issue. Aside from financial reasons, the emotional strains of dividing an estate can cause frictions within a family that resonate for ever more if there is no clear instruction.

Is a will really necessary?

Even if you don’t think you have enough in the way of property, wealth or possessions to make much of a difference, having a will is essential. It prevents any ambiguity in the event of death and ensures that whatever you do have reaches your intended beneficiaries.

It’s such a simple process that there really is no excuse.  If you do not have a will, or need to update your will then get in touch with us at Eclipse.

Our advisers have years of experience dispensing advice and drawing up wills for clients in North Devon. We can assess your needs and draw up a document that reflects your requirements so that, after you have gone, those people you care about get what is rightfully theirs.


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